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Does anybody know how the iCal drawer is done? Is it just a white background image, and thats it?

I’m trying to make a drawer that looks the same, with some text fields with no border, and when you select it, the text disappears. and other objects that look similar. i know how to do all of this, but I guess I’m just confused if the background is more detailed.

My guess is it’s a custom view with a white background. The bevel effect can be found somewhere on this site. Just look around.

Check out NSDrawWhiteBezel, or NSDrawTiledRects. These make drawing rects with bezels easy.

Also, I’ve done more or less what you’re asking ( though mine eschewed the bezel for a rounded white rectangle. Its easy, just put in a custom view with an overridden display method.

I think you mean -drawRect: method. Override drawRect like so:

This will fill the entire view with white.