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Ok, this isn’t strictly Cocoa related, but I can’t find any better place to ask it. Does anyone know how I would go about making an iTunes visual plug-in? The Apple iTunes Visual Plug-ins SDK ( ) is where you’d think to go for the neccessary files, but the sample plug-in they have doesn’t work, even though it builds without errors. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

– BrianMoore

File a bug report? – RobRix

On Jaguar you need a file named PkgInfo in the Contents directory of the bundle to tell OS X that the bundle is in fact a bundle (and what type it is, despite having already told it this in the Info.plist). For iTunes plugins the PkgInfo file should be the eight characters hvplhook. – SamTaylor

Wow… putting that file there made it work. Cool. I’m gonna file a bug report about this, definitely. Thanks. – BrianMoore

I think Apple’s line is that ‘it’s a feature, not a bug.’ Maybe if enough people file bug reports… – SamTaylor