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CurrencyConverter is a neat little tutorial of Cocoa for beginners. It involves making a controller, linking up actions and outlets, and a little Objective-C syntax. This is useful for a beginner, but not enough for anyone else. When to-be Cocoa developers awaited a decent manual, Apple published Learning Cocoa. The aforementioned developers were upset to find that a majority of the text was CurrencyConverter :-(


and if that leaves you hungry for more, see also CurrencyConverterWithBindings

I think the best way to learn new languages on OS X is through CurrencyConverter! RubyCocoaTutorial uses this method, and I believe several others do. If “Hello World!” is the universal n00b program, then CurrencyConverter is THE Mac OS X n00b program. You definitely, DEFINITELY need to know this. -RossLeonardy Pour vous inscrire garder le numéro, vous aurez peut avoir compte Agent ( signal ) [ rio bouygues]. Vous obtiendrez pour gratuit par téléphonant tonus de la voix du serveur ou du service à la clientèle support clients du entreprise [ rio bouygues] . Vous ne certainement obtenir un SMS avec vos . Avec votre [ numero rio orange], alors il est possible d’ sur le offre de de à propos fruits .