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How to make a custom highlighting of the drop target? For example like Address Book does when dropping contact to some group. I am subclassing the NSTableView to see which of the draw methods makes that ugly black drop destination rectangle. No luck. I can get rid of it only if I make an empty drawRect –AndreyBabak

I’ve had luck using different highlights by overriding drawRow and using some sketchy ways of determining the drop row - but I have no idea how to get rid of the black rect. Any ideas, I have the exact same question as the OP.

Look up setKeyboardFocusRingNeedsDisplayInRect: and NSSetFocusRingStyle(), they should put you on the right track to getting the focus rings cooperating. –CurtisHoover

What does the focus ring have to do with this….?

Sorry guys, I miss read your post. I poked around in the source for the NSTableView, but I didnt see anything that looked like it was doing it. – CurtisHoover

I think this is an unresolved FAQ: UglyBlackHighlightRectWhenDraggingToNSTableView