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Hi, I’m trying to make a custom looking NSSegmentedControl but just can’t get it to work… If I just want the buttons to have another look, do I need to subclass NSSegmentedControl or NSSegmentedCell?

I can’t understand how they work together :(

Tried subclassing NSSegmentedCell and used my own - (void)drawWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView *)controlView but when I called segmentControl cell] setCellClass:myOwnCellClass] the program chrashes… I called it in awakeFromNib just as it says in the reference…

Anyone who have done this and could help me?

Read the Control And Cell Programming Topics for Cocoa document:[[ControlCell/index.html

You’ll need to customize the cell since it is the cell that is responsible for drawing.

Ok, thanks for the link, but Istill can’t get this stuff to work :( I’ve subclassed NSSegmentedControl:

@implementation RoundedSegmentedControl

and NSSegmentedCell:

@implementation RoundedSegmentedCell

In IB I’ve set my NSSegmentedControl to my RoundedSegmentedControl

I get a call to RoundedSegmentedCell: +initialize but when I check myRoundedSegmentControl cell] class] I get [[NSSegmentedCell anyway… So, I don’t understand why my Cell-subclass gets called and the is ignored anyway…

You have to do more work to get your custom cell to be used for an IB-created control. This post has more details on why and how to work around it: