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I thought I wanted to do a simple thing: Customize the OpenPanel, so that I can give the option to open other document types than in my info.plist. Is it really the case that subclassing the NSDocumentController (namely the openDocument: method) is what I have to do?

Any other info on the matter would be greatly appreciated!


On casual inspection, I’d say: looks like. I expect it’s not a “standard” operation. Is that a problem, particularly?

You might want to override -runModalOpenPanel:forTypes: also, and have it do the work of making an unusual open panel.

– KritTer

Thanks for the info.

The ideal hint for me would be source code for the TextEdit Open Panel, which does pretty much all the things I would like to do. Is something like that around, somewhere?


You could look at the source code for TextEdit in /Developer/Examples/AppKit/TextEdit to see how TextEdit accomplishes this.

– KentSutherland

Thanks! Great!