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Root node for a WebFrame’s NSURLRequest.

The DOMDocument can also be used to modify the content of a page in the WebFrame programmatically.

WebKit provides Objective-C access to the Document Object Model, the object-like structure of the HTML contents of a WebFrame. Using essentially the same methods used in Javascript to access and alter the DOM contents of a page, methods in DOMCore.h (and others) allow altering, adding and removing tags and text contents, creating new elements, finding elements by ID, etc.

Issue and workaround: Some changes via this method are not seen until some external event such as resizing the webview or mousing over it (seen on 10.4.10/Safari 2.0.4, whatever WebKit version that is). For one, changing the style attribute of the BODY tag. I found an old (2005) Safari Javascript workaround to force the redraw (without reloading the page). Here it is in Objective-C:

NSUserDefaults *defs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; NSString *family = [defs stringForKey:GSMsgFont]; DOMDocument *doc = _myWebView mainFrame] [[DOMDocument]; DOMHTMLElement *mybody = (DOMHTMLElement *)[doc getElementById:@”gsge1”]; // Notice the unusual blank-labeled 2nd argument - this is done to more closely match the DOM method style [mybody setAttribute:@”style” :[NSString stringWithFormat:@”font-family: %@”, family]]; // force redraw DOMNode *dummy = [doc createElement:@”div”]; [mybody appendChild:dummy]; [mybody removeChild:dummy];