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DTCVersionManager by DanielToddCurrie - Line of Sight Software

DTCVersionManager is an open source class that can be used freely by any Cocoa/Objective-C developers. It allows the programmer to easily add version management to their OS X application, using a simple online text file containing version information. It is threaded so that fetching the text file will not stall the application, and is written so that the user will not be interrupted if their internet connection is inactive, or if the text file is unavailable. The DTCVersionManager alert can be displayed as either a sheet or a modal panel.

DTCVersionManager requires Mac OS X v10.1 or greater. The class source also comes with an example project which requires Xcode.

Visit the Line of Sight website for more details.

Version 2.0 of DTCVersionManager is available now, which includes full version history, localization, reachability checks, return notifications, and a great new interface. Take a look at it here: