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I’m trying to port some MFC code, and it uses a lot of DWORD data types, and some others such as LPBYTE. Are these Windows specific data types? I know a double word is 4 bytes, so what would be the easiest way to store these in standard C, or Objective-C? Thanks.

Hm ok I’m just huge newb but couldn’t I use int in replacement for DWORD since they’re both 4 bytes?

If the actual size is important, then you should use the types is stdint.h, like int32_t. If the size isn’t important, then you can just go ahead and use int. The difference is that int isn’t defined to be 4 bytes, it could change in the future.

Easiest way IMHO is to pick an equivalent data type and define in Xcode project Other C Flags using the -D[efine] flag (e.g. -DDWORD=UInt32). This will perform a global replace on DWORD at compile time. - DerekBolli

DWORD  is a double word.      LPBYTE is a long pointer to byte.  Take a look at a reference on HungarianNotation (considered by many to be a somewhat abominable naming convention), for example

Yep I am familiar with this since I am taking an MFC class right now.

So I figured out that DWORD = unsigned int, BYTE = unsigned char, WORD = unsigned short. You can also use this instead of replacing all of them in your code:

typedef unsigned char BYTE; typedef unsigned short WORD; typedef unsigned long DWORD;

typedef BYTE *LPBYTE; typedef WORD *LPWORD; typedef DWORD *LPDWORD;

… or you could just use the actual tokens themselves instead of trying to make Cocoa (Obj-C / Cocoa API) look like MFC code. Down the road, you may thank yourself for becoming ‘multilingual’ - or being able to easily switch from one language to the next. It’ll come in handy when you add yet another language to your repertoire.