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If you’ve been using the C**‘ocoaDev site for awhile (or not) you’ve most likely come across entries that may or may not be useful, depending upon how old they are (e.g., instructions for using some class that was changed in the last release of OS X). Or maybe you’ve opened a page from RecentChanges but can’t locate the new entry?

We could all help each other out by simply adding a date to anything we add to a page, like this: 2004-10-23.

You know what would be really great is if the history button would automatically do a “diff” command between the current page and the page before it, take this result and change the font color for the difference to something like green. –zootbobbalu

Can we have a preference for how the date is displayed for the end user first? [1025’04] :-p

and another attempt to remake the world bites the dust

The ‘last edited date’ below the page title works well enough for me and it’s ‘free’. If it was localizable it would be nicer (for the year-first crowd ;-) but I think most of us can easily parse it as-is. I think dating our entries is redundant and having the format change from person to person and entry to entry can’t be good. Glad this never really caught on. Yeah, too many people only use numbers (ie. 05-03-07… huh?!? July 3 2005 is much more readable, worldwide

I’m just as guilty as the next for not dating my entries … however, in order to find the date of a comment in the middle of a conversation, you’d have to keep going back through the history of the page until the comment disappears, then you have to go back one page and look at the date. Kind of clunky in this situation. Especially when people are editing old conversations somewhere in the middle. It’s hard enough just to find the change in many cases. We need diff so bad!!