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You can turn on CocoaScripting debugging with the NSScriptingDebugLogLevel preference. This preference can be set for a single app or for the entire system:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSScriptingDebugLogLevel 1 defaults write com.myApp NSScriptingDebugLogLevel 1

defaults delete NSGlobalDomain NSScriptingDebugLogLevel defaults delete com.myApp NSScriptingDebugLogLevel

You can turn on the AppleScript engine’s event tracking by setting environment variables. You can do this on a per-executable basis by double-clicking the icon for the executable.

set AEDebug=1 set AEDebugSends=1 set AEDebugReceives=1

unset AEDebug unset AEDebugSends unset AEDebugReceives

You can examine NSScriptSuiteRegistry, NSScriptClassDescription, and NSScriptCommandDescription to make sure your classes and commands were read properly from the the *.script**’ files.