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The Trash Can

To add pages to The Trash Can, put \%\%BEGINENTRY\%\%DeleteMe\%\%ENDENTRY\%\% anywhere on them. You do not need to edit this page.

Please keep DeleteMe comments on-topic and short. Snide and sarcastic remarks are not constructive. We want to encourage users to post, and express their ideas. It’s what makes wiki communities successful

If a page stays trashed without being modified for more than a month, it will get erased. This mechanism demands unanimous consensus, as anyone can veto a page deletion indefinitely merely by editing it a couple of times a month. If someone objects your deletion of a page, explain your reasoning; if reasonable consensus is not reached, the page stays. (Note that voting is not an adequate substitute for unanimous consensus.)

Unless the text on a page is actually offensive, please leave it there when marking the page to be deleted. But don’t merely mark a page because you don’t like the page or the subject matter, if other people are making good Cocoa-related use of it. One person’s off-topic is another person’s very useful info.

Perhaps we should really regard DeleteMe as a gentle reminder that a page may need to be made more relevant or face extinction, and even then, only as a real “last resort”. Rather than suggest that a page be deleted, try adding something that makes the page relevant, not just for you, but for everyone. Simply placing the words “this page may need to be made more relevant” requires no one to do anything about the possible deficiency. If subsequent discussion gives the page its lease on life, so much the better.

IMPORTANT: Arguments over page deletion consume the RecentChanges page, and take everyone’s attention away from more important things. Do not abuse this privilege. Pretty much anything that is not spam, offensive, utter banality, or something that merely would be better off in the SandBox should not be disturbed this way.

AFAIK; since the change to MediaWiki this page no longer works, delete me should now be done by categorizing pages with Category:DeleteMe

Go to :Category:DeleteMe to see pages marked for deletion.