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* DeleteOnceRestoreOnce is a Wiki editing guideline.

DeleteHappyPeople is a lively discussion about the scope of this wiki and deleting pages that “don’t belong”.

DeleteMe is the linked list of deleted pages.

If a page you delete is restored, or if a page you restore is deleted, leave it be. If the page is valued by the community, someone else will restore it if it gets deleted again. If the page isn’t valued by the WikiCommunity in general, only by a single member, the page really shouldn’t be here at all.


Deleting “Useless” Pages Discussion

The following discussion was moved from another page. The issue was resolved amicably, but the core of the discussion is relevant to Wiki life. Please feel free to extract the salient points from all sides of the argument below and re-factor the information into more of a guideline than a discussion … or just discuss. Doesn’t matter.

[ Removed Delete-Me status, re-factored page ] … Please don’t go around adding delete-me tags to pages you don’t find useful. If someone else has this problem, it might be incredibly useful. The purpose of this wiki is to contain useful information for Cocoa developers. Why on earth would we remove answers to questions others might have? Just re-factor the page.

I’m the deleter. Sounds like an old Monkees song. My bad. I regret the oversight of not bringing this one back after constructing the XcodeProjectAndTargetSettings topic. Please don’t regard that unfortunate error as an intentional attack on the wiki per se.

Mainly I change the names of pages whose titles do not lead to any idea of what it is they address: e.g., StrangeCrashAtLunchtime

I had five martinis at lunch, and now I can’t seem to get my eyes to focus properly…

The DeleteOnceRestoreOnce principle is one I hold in high regard. I think what you’re really anxious about is that I edit too many pages. You seem unsure whether I’m generally trustworthy, and don’t like the work of deciding whether what I’ve done is “good” or “bad”. Isn’t that something that the community can work out?

Well, psychoanalysis aside, no, not really. I just don’t like seeing pages deleted when they contain an actual problem with a helpful solution. Misspelled (or ridiculously unhelpful) titles can be relocated and delete-me’d, sure, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with *this title. Clearly someone who didn’t understand a key aspect of XCode used the best ‘keywords’ he/she could think of to describe the problem. If an answer exists on another page, just re-factor this one to contain the question and the “See:” reference to the page with the answer. The more ways we have of describing a problem, the easier it is for other terminology newbies to find it in a search. Think of it as something like the wikipedia disambiguation pages. The better we make use of references, the better reference the wiki becomes. That’s just my US $0.02 (which sadly is worth shockingly little these days). :-) As to the community working out, that’s exactly what this is - a debate over the usefulness of the page by a member of the community (just like the intention to delete was done by a member of the community). I just tend to take a much more conservative approach to removing information (as long as it’s helpful information.*

I am totally in agreement with you, and again apologize for what was a mistake on my part. I agree that only the last few bits of precision are missing from this title, and in light of the topic it is now attached to, it is an excellent title with the Xcode 2 topic entry modifier.It it a different question entirely from MakingIconsAppearInFinder, and yes, needs its own page. I am gaining the conservative perspective you advocate as my experience grows - I am increasingly able to see the worth of pages I undervalued before.

We can erase this little appendix or move it to its own page (which may already exist!!) when the dust has cleared.

No problem. Absolutely no animosity was meant (aside from my initial annoyance at seeing the delete-me tag). :-)

Adding: Thank you, by the way, for moving content around to a better place. I haven’t yet said that I think it’s a valuable service to the community. I, for one, *welcome our new Wiki Maintaining Overlords …*

see also HowToUnblockPorts (plop plop fizz fizz)