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Object Design: Dictionary collection class

The Dictionary design—-

The dictionary class of collection designs addresses a weakness of DesignArray: namely that objects must be referenced by an unsigned integer. In a dictionary, any object can be used as a key, and the key is stored in the dictionary along with the object it refers to.

Cocoa already has a DesignDictionary class: the NSDictionary class cluster. To allow some degree of efficiency, every object must provide a hash value from -hash which, while not unique to the object, must be the same for any objects that return YES to -isEqual:.



See also: NSDictionary, FoundationCollections, DesignArray, DesignMatrix

—-Comparison with C++’s map<>—-

The main distinction between the dictionary design and the similar construct used in C++ - the map - is that the latter requires a strict ordering on the keys used. This allows for very good efficiency - o(log(n)) at all times, by using a DesignRedBlackTree - at the cost of being less general and more complex in use. Cocoa does not offer an equivalent class type.