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To set an open panel to only select directories, do the following:

NSOpenPanel *openPanel = [NSOpenPanel openPanel]; // That has got to be one of the most repetitive Cocoa lines of code ;-)

[openPanel setCanChooseDirectories:YES]; [openPanel setCanCreateDirectories:YES]; // Added by DustinVoss [openPanel setPrompt:@”Choose folder”]; // Should be localized [openPanel setCanChooseFiles:NO];

– DavidRemahl

It’d be even funnier if it had an instance method “openPanel” to actually, well, open the panel …

and a method -(BOOL)openPanel which returned whether the shared NSOpenPanel instance had a panel open…. OK, that’s stretching it.

That’s just silly - openPanel would already exist, so you’d want to ask if -(BOOL)panelOpen. ;-)