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Can I somehow make an NSTableView (bound via Cocoa Bindings) column of checkboxes (all of them, the entire column) become disabled?

Can columns be disabled?

Programatical (is that even a word) solution for your first problem: Make your table column’s header cell a checkbox itself; then, when the checkbox is clicked, change all other checkboxes in the column. You would have to remember to set a mixed state on this checkbox though, for when not all of the items are checked (or cleared). –JediKnil

How do I go about making the header a checkbox? This is via interface builder?

…oh…um, whoever restored this, I was the one who deleted my post, because I misunderstood the question. I thought you meant unchecking the boxes instead of disabling them…like, say, Yahoo Mail or something. I don’t *exactly know how to set the header view to a checkbox (assuming that the table column’s outlets don’t include something like headerCell), but the setHeaderCell: method of NSTableColumn should work (never tried it, and can’t because my system is totally messed up). You could try adding this to some controller class’s awakeFromNib: if you do want this behavior:*

tableView tableColumnWithIdentifier:@”checkboxes”] setHeaderCell:someCheckBoxCell];

…where someCheckBoxCell is a check box that you’ve set up somewhere in the nib file (you could even stick it in a top-level [[NSView and no one would see it), or configured manually. But this really doesn’t solve your original problem… So, sorry I can’t help more, and if anyone wants to re-delete my posts (since they don’t really have much to do with your question), go right ahead. –JediKnil

P.S. Ironically, HowToDisableRowContentsInNSTableView has an answer that could be adapted for your situation.