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I noticed recently that the documentation ( particularly, the “Concepts” articles ) on are more up to date than the docs shipped with the XCode cd when I bought panther. That’s all well and good – and I’m happy apple has active documentation.

What I’m wondering is, how can I download it? I poked around and the best info I could find was this:

… which implies that if have a paid developer membership I would get a dvd periodically with new docs on it (among other goodes I assume).

Does anybody know if I can just download a package or tarball? There’s some stuff in the new docs which I needed last night, but couldn’t get to since I don’t have internet access at my GF’s place or at the coffee shops I get a lot of my work done at.


Most if not all of the documentation is available as PDFs, you could download those. You can also sign up just for the CD/DVD Developer mailings, which cost $200/year as opposed to $500/year for a full Select membership.

Eeek, that’s still really expensive though.

Not really. It’s downright cheap when you consider the CD mailings also include every major OS release for the year.

If you’re a student then you can get them for $99.

The mailings also include Dev Tools updates (at least my Select mailings do… I don’t see why they wouldn’t also be in the basic mailings package.) If you’re trying to avoid downloading stuff, that’s a huge benefit.

It would seem that there should be some sort of documentation selfupdate, which could use CVS or rsync to keep the documentation concurrent with the copy on