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I’m writing a GUI wrapper for a tool I wrote to download code to an EZ-USB development board. Its nearly finished, but I have hit a stumbling block.

I want to be able to drag a file from the Finder into an NSTextField. After dragging, the filepath is written into the NSTextField. This all works fine, but when the NSTextField in question has the focus, only the focus ring acts as the dragging area, ie. I can’t drag the file onto the NSTextField itself, only the focus ring.

When the NSTextField doesn’t have the focus, it all works fine. It may be really simple, but I can’t work out whats going on here.

I subclassed NSTextField to add the dragging stuff, and I’ve included the code below.

Can anyone give me an idea of how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance,


@implementation EZTextView


The fact that the FieldEditor exists makes this task much harder than it should be. Because you’re actually dropping onto the FieldEditor when the text field has focus, you need to write some code in your window’s delegate to return a custom FieldEditor which has code similar to what you have above.