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Could this be because it is first trying to make a copy of the dragged thing onto the pasteboard? All I want is to get a path to the dragged file - I don’t actually need the data so any data copying is not necessary.

As far as I know it only copies the path. When are you experiencing the delay? Upon dragging or dropping the files?

What pasteboard types is your view registered to receive?

(hmm… that’s an awkward sentence… What pasteboard types are your view…? nope… Which pasteboard types is… no… i think i’ve found a bug in the english language; who do i report it to?)

No bug, just a common English problem. From what I remember in school, the subject often comes after the verb in a question. You had it right the first time. For a check, turn the question into a statement: “Your view is registered to receive pasteboard types.” Sounds good to me.

so it’s a feature then ;) i was waiting for someone to suggest using HigherOrderMessaging to solve the problem. Anyway, back to the original question; i don’t want to hijack this page with trivia.

What pasteboard types is your view registered to receive? You probably don’t want anything but NSFilenamesPboardType.

I just did a test and large files work instantly for me. It appears that the Finder only sends NSFilenamesPboardType, so registering under something else (such as NSFileContentsPboardType) doesn’t even work. Are you sure something isn’t taking place after the drop which is causing the delay? If you are dragging into an NSTableView, put an NSLog at the top and bottom of these two methods and see if they are getting called before or after the delay.

Hope that helps. – RyanBates