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The standard NSToolbar in OS X allows the user to Command-Drag toolbar items in the toolbar without opening the Customize Toolbar sheet.

My problem is that I have created a custom NSView to be used as a toolbar item so that I can intercept the mouseDown events and popup a menu. This all works fine except that when I Command-Click to move one of these items the mouseDown goes to my custom view and I don’t know where to send it so that the toolbar item can be dragged by the user.

Did I miss something ovbious here?

Check out Apple’s ToolbarSample example on your system. It has a custom view for an item that lets you drag.

Separate reply here – also consider whether or not your custom view’s -mouseDown: method appropriately calls super’s -mouseDown: method at some point. I’ve never had the trouble you’re having, yet every one of my shipping apps has at least one toolbar item with a custom view. The only thing I can think of is that your mouseDown method is “swallowing” the NSEvent instead of passing it on. Note that whether you call super and then do your own thing or you do your own thing first, then call super depends entirely on what you’re trying to accomplish.

UPDATE: It looks like the problem was that I was sticking a subclass of an NSView up in the toolbar. When I changed it to a subclass of an NSControl the behavior stayed the same and now I can Command-Drag the item.

Thanks for the help.