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I am wanting to develop an application that makes it easy for users to fill out a form, which is represented by a PDF. I am wanting to place controls (text fields, checkboxes, etc) over parts on the form where you would normally write. Would it be best to use a PDFView and add subviews to it, or just draw the PDF as a normal image in my own NSView that handles everything? I want it to look like the user is typing directly onto the form.

I’d also like to add that it would be nice to support zoom in/out, so I’m thinking a PDFVIew sublcass may be best.

It’s going to be hard to make subviews line up and scroll correctly. Why not just use an HTML form?

Um, that’s not an option. The form is a PDF file.

The only hard thing about lining up is going to be finding the coordinates of the form elements. I don’t know if the PDF API provides for this or not; if it does, this will be easy. Scrolling correctly won’t be a problem as long as the elements are a subview of the PDFView.

Well I can’t believe I overlooked annotations. That seems like the best way. I will just subclass PDFAnnotation (or one of the provided ones) and add my text view to that. Plus they handle scaling automagically!