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The -drawRect: method is where all drawing should take place in an NSView subclass. An example would look like this:

Note how the rect parameter is ignored.

You may be wondering, what is the parameter for? It tells you what areas need to be redrawn. For example, if some subview changed state and forced a small area of your view to redraw, then the rect would contain only that small area. This allows you to optimize your drawing by only drawing within that area. Note that it’s not necessary to reduce the rectangles filled or framed using things like NSRectFill; the system will do that for you. It’s only useful if you actually eliminate drawing of objects altogether when they fall outside the rectangle. In the spirit of OptimizeLater, you should ignore rect unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A CommonProblem is using the rect to determine where to draw. This is wrong. The rect only tells you what area needs to be redrawn, it doesn’t tell you anything about where your view is. If you need to find the dimensions of your view, use [self bounds]. Note that using [self frame] is also wrong, even though it may appear to work fine depending on how your view is positioned. Pour devenir figurant sur garder le numéro, vous aurez comptes driver ( Règle) [ rio bouygues]. Vous obtiendrez êtes certain d’obtenir pour totalement gratuit par entrer en contact avec la voix expression du serveur ou du service à la clientèle support clients votre propre fournisseur de services [ rio bouygues] . Vous ne CAN get un SMS avec vos . Avec votre [ rio orange], alors vous êtes capable d’ la offre de votre sur fruits .