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I’m attempting to draw a window beneath the icons on the desktop (above the wallpaper). The page lists the constant that will draw a window beneath the desktop icons (kCGDesktopWindowLevel), but, as noted, windows created with this constant will still accept mouse down events even when clicking on an icon. Ie: you will be unable to select your desktop icons that happen to be located above one of these windows. Any idea what I need to do to get the result I’m after?

Essentially I’m after the appearance of Stevenf’s WebDesktop application (without the whole “web browser on the desktop thing”).

Update: I’ve stumbled across this header file:

Macintosh HD:System:Library:Frameworks:ApplicationServices.framework:Versions:A:Frameworks:CoreGraphics.framework:Versions:A:Headers:CGWindowLevel.h

that defines more window level constants, but none of them accomplish what I’m after… anyone have something that would point me in the right direction?

– Dave


[yourWindowOutlet setLevel:(-2147483628)+1];

to do what you want.

(-2147483628) is the undocumented level for desktop window (in wich wallpaper is drawn). Adding 1 to be sure to be over desktop window (wallpaper) but under other windows (including Finder’s icons wich are “windows” too in WindowServer with an higher level).

– Bru

Be careful when doing this - setting windows to this level will cause them to become “sticky” when using virtual desktop tools like VirtueDesktops and Desktop Manager.


An easy way to discover any window’s level is to use Quartz Debug’s -> Show Window List. You should notice a column titled “Level” towards the right of the table. Of course you’ll need to install CHUD first..