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To StevenFrank in particular: is there any way an easier navigation system could be set up? Maybe have a simple site navbar in the black bar at the top. Something like “Resources, Glossary, whatever else”. I’m getting kind of tired of heading to the Home page first, and moving on from there.

Maybe you could add to the links at the bottom, and mirror them in the header bar as well. Something to think about.

Also, would it be possible to put a timestamp on pages as well as the datestamp? That way it would be easy to tell at what point a page had been edited. Good for days like this, where everything gets done at once :)

One last thing about navigation and information: having timestamps on the RecentChanges page would also be helpful.

– RobRix

I think it makes sense to have the nav bar at the top as well as the bottom. Also, probably a good idea to have “quick links” to frequently used areas, such as the glossary. I’ll work on that soon. I’ll see what I can do about the timestamps too.

– StevenFrank

Thanks, Steven! BTW, how would one go about setting up something like this on their own site? I’d be interested in setting up a Wiki system for myself and some friends who are collaborating on a project.

Thanks again!

– RobRix

The code for this site started out with the source generated by this page:

Yup, it’s just a single script. All you need is a web server that will let you run CGI scripts, and has some form of DBM installed.

There are other (and fancier) Wiki scripts available. Try searching on SourceForge or FreshMeat.

– StevenFrank

I just hope that includes sites :)

Now I have to learn Perl so I can figure out how it works…and change it :)

In other news, in a sort of a “six degrees of separation” thing, I found out that the primary source of information on Squeak ( is done with Wiki… Hey, it’s perfect for it.

– RobRix

Excellent job with the top and bottom navbars and quick links. My only recommendation would be to group [Home] with the quick links instead of having it separate, but this is one of those nitpicky issues that also sways way into “IMHO” territory (to coin a phrase).

Again, I’m most fond of it! Thank you very much!

– RobRix