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Is there a way to make the header cells of an NSTableView editable? I want users to be able to edit them like any other table cell.

The “trivial” solution is to create a preferences window or sheet and use some text fields to set the header cell string values.

NSTableColumn has a method

- (id) headerCell to return the header cell. Once you have that, send the header cell a     setStringValue message.

This is not the same thing as double-clicking the header cell to edit as you would in IB, but it’s a start. Just my two hundred thousand zlotys.

One possibility would be to catch double-clicks on the table header (possible with setDoubleAction:), and then do some trickery to set up a field editor in the right place and take it from there. It won’t be a simple built-in solution, but it should be doable.

Or you could perhaps create your own (editable) header cell and call -setHeaderCell: on the table column??? You’d probably still have to call -setDoubleAction: and override the default action here, but it’s just a cell. See NSCell for more info.

Or just hide the header and make the first row of cells appear slightly different. The only problem is you lose a lot of functionality this way that you’d have to recode, like sorting and moving columns. –JediKnil

Except that that’s what the header cell is for!!! :-)

Anyone ever find a simple solution to this? –Boomer