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I am having no success in embedding the OgreKit framework in my application. I downloaded OgreKit_2_1_2 from Built the included targets which comprised some test utilities and a framework. I added the OgreKit.framework to my Copy File folder in the XCODE Target directory of my new XCode project. The build succeeded, however, when I ran the application, the debugger could not find the library. I refered to the ApplicationLinkingIssues page and used the Copy File recommendation, but no luck. Is there something I’m overlooking? - patrick cusack

From what you have told us you need to check 1) That the framework has been embedded - this may be overkill - but I suggest using the context menu on you built .app to confirm that there is a Frameworks folder inside the Contents folder and that it contains a copy of the framework; 2) The exact error message that you are getting; 3) That you have the proper “installation Path” per and 4) Check with otool that the application and library are linked correctly per MoreOnEmbeddingFrameworks. Hope that this helps and comes across in the right way!

these resources helped immensely. I was making a stupid mistake on the copy files phase.