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Hello everyone,

In relation to the same project as FindingSubnet, I am looking for help embedding a control (specifically a small clickable icon (much like the magnifying glass in the search field)), inside of an NSTextField. This will be used to allow a user to click on an item and have it zip them to the right spot in the program, or entry in the XML file (as it were), without a lot of effort. It would also allow for the content to remain editable, and prevent the interface from becoming too crowded.

Thanks for the help.



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This example reimplements an NSSearchField from a NSTextField (and cell etc). Does more than you want but I think you can use it to figure out how to do what you want:


CCDTextField does this and was written because NMSearchField did a little more than I wanted. :-)

Usage is pretty easy too, assuming you’ve changed the class of textfield in IB…

Does this also work with a subclass of NSSecureTextField. I tried this with other examples, but the icon never appeared :(