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Slightly OT.

I have been passing code between people using iChat and of course it is smart enough to recognise code fragments like this :[ or :( as unhappy faces.

I am wondering, is there anyway we can create other emoticons by passing around code fragments, other than these glum sad faces?

(Just something fun for everyone to think about). ;)

– MatPeterson



Interesting fragments. I doubt I would copy comments though. :)

You can get :) easily too - @selector(moof:)



8^( ) - homer simpson

How could you get *that into working code?!?*

I’m pretty sure it’s valid Perl. ;-)

I don’t know how you’d get that into working code, but how about:





C =D (this one goes both ways, allowing for hats.)

[NSString stringWithString: @”any emoticon code you want”];

I know, I cheated. -FranciscoTolmasky