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Basically I have NSTableView with custom dataCell set via [tableView tableColumns] objectAtIndex:0] setDataCell:customCell]. For some calculations I need to know the rectOfRow and tableView returns correct value, but just while there’re some rows. When I delete the last row, tableView starts to return 0 for nonexistent rows. rowHeight (even summed with intercellSpacing) and [customCell cellSize].height return smaller values.

But there should be somewhere the correct value, since empty table continues to draw alternate rows at correct size. The question is where can I get the same value for empty table that rectOfRow will return when the table is filled with data?

– Solved

Hello, Mr. Lazy Mess-Maker, do you think you could actually post what the solution is, rather than leave the page incomplete and put a half-hearted attempt at a [[DeleteMe tag on it?

This is really disappointing. All the newbies who come along make a mess and don’t bother cleaning it up. If you create a question page and find an answer yourself, POST THE *#@&$ ANSWER!

^^ Perfect example of an appropriate response vs inappropriate response.