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I want to make a simple app to encapsulate anything that is dragged onto its icon and send it to another machine on a LAN - much the way you can send data using iChat. Everything works fine using NSData if the file I am sending is a text file, but if the object I drag to the icon is a folder (or .app) then NSData doesn’t handle it, at least not with ‘dataWithContentsOfFile:’ (of course). Any ideas? should I make a zip archive of the dragged items and send that?

Yes, you’ll have to tarball/zip/whatever the contents of a folder. (You could take a look at NSFileWrapper but I don’t think it’s designed for that).

I disagree with the above comment. You can do a directoryEnumerator and send the files “one at a time”. If you want to reproduce the directory hierarchy, you could also encode the directory structure and send it along as a “special” file that the receiving app would act on. Tarring is, in my opinion, though, a much better (and simpler) solution. Although, if any of the files you’re sending have resource forks, kiss them goodbye if you’re using tar. I don’t think any of the NSData routines will encode resource forks (though don’t quote me). If you use the OS X zip helper you’ll be set.

yes, sometimes those .app’s have hundreds of little resources and sending each one separately may significantly slow down the process. On the other hand, TARing each one also is a slow process…sigh

You can also use ditto -c –rsrc [–sequesterRsrc] [-k] to archive things. If the -k option is present output will be a zip archive, otherwise it’ll be a gzipped cpio archive.

is there anything that encapsulates without compressing? I wonder how ichat handles this issue… :-/

Tar encapsulates without compressing. But I think the simplest thing to do would just be to have one routine for sending folders and another for sending files. (And as for resource forks � you could just either use hfstar or copy what it does.)