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Anybody have an idea how you can export data to an iPod from a Cocoa app? OmniOutliner can do this, and several other apps I’ve seen. I’d love to have this feature, at least for future reference. Is there a framework or some other form of easy way to do it? –LoganCollins

You mean as a Note, accessible on the iPod via Extras > Notes? They’re just plain text files. Use NSString’s writeToFile:atomically: method.

But how do you send it to the iPod? Is there a special volume where it saves to, or what? Also, how can you tell if the user has an iPod connected or not? –LoganCollins

Search this site!! ListOfConnectediPods gives you the list of connected iPods. An iPod will show up in the /Volumes directory if it’s in disk mode, which is enabled in iTunes. Use the code at the bottom of that page - it’s the most optimized and efficient.