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Background: I have two NSTableViews that I have manually bound together. When a row is selected in the first tableView, the second NSTableView is updated to show the contents of the selected array.

I am trying to add the ability to respond to certain keystrokes while editing. For example, hitting shift+tab allows you to switch focus from one table to the other while editing the field editor. In order to accomplish this I have added the following code to my window’s delegate:

In the KeyCaptureTextField (a subclass of NSTextView) I have a switch that handles keypresses within the keyDown event handler. When the down arrow key is pressed the following code is triggered:

case 125: // down tableView = self superview] superview]; startColumn = [tableView editedColumn]; [tableView selectRowIndexes:[[[NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:[tableView selectedRow]+1] byExtendingSelection:NO]; [tableView editColumn:startColumn row:[tableView selectedRow] withEvent:nil select:YES]; [[[[NSApp keyWindow] contentView] viewWithTag:2] reloadData]; break;

This code selects the next row down in the currently focused tableView and begins editing the cell that is in the same column which was being previously edited. However, [[[[NSApp keyWindow] contentView] viewWithTag:2] reloadData] does NOT cause my second TableView to refresh its view.

GOAL: To execute code from within a FieldEditor that causes a TableView to refresh itself. The TableView that needs refreshing is not an ancestor of the current FieldEditor

Some notes:

*Yes, the TableView has a tag of 2. *I have tried using the setNeedsDisplay method on the tableVIew and its scroll view. It does not help *The dataSource method of my NSTableView - (id)tableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView objectValueForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn row:(int) rowIndex ** DOES NOT GET CALLED ** when I hit the down arrow, despite the fact that I’ve told this TableView to reload its data. *The down code is being actually triggered; the next row is selected and editing commences in the selected column. This all works correctly. *There are no errors are warnings. *The second table does update its content correctly if I click directly on onto a row. It also updates correctly if I just click on the empty background of the first table after the keyDown event handler code for the down key has been called.

Thank you so much for any help. - Charlie