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Hi All,

I’m developing a small class to process a data file which is a mixture of text & binary data. An example method for reading out the text encoded project version number is as follows, where buffer is an NSData object containing the entire file:

-(char *) projectVersionNr {

NSRange range = NSMakeRange(10, 4);
   [buffer getBytes: header range: range];	

return header; }

Rather than using a c char array to read out key portions of text I’d like to use the Cocoa framework. Can someone explain the way to read from the NSData object into a NSString object, with example code if possible. Or an alternative better solution altogether if I’m on the wrong track:-)

Thanks for your help.

Have you looked at the NSString documentation yet? In particular, these methods:

Take a look at the docs, just make sure to completely read through them, since a lot of the methods dealing with c-style strings have been deprecated recently.