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Various concepts and techniques for reading from, writing to and parsing text files.

I was doing some work the other day for my CS class appending text to a single file several times. I was looking for a simple Cocoa method that could just add a string to the end of an existing file, but I couldn’t find a simple one anywhere! The all included lots of calls involving NSFileHandle, etc. I wanted something as simpe as NSString’s -writeToFile: method, so I wrote a catagory for NSString called -appendToFile:, as shown below:

#import “NSString+KPExtensions.h” #import #import <sys/stat.h>

@implementation NSString (KPExtension)

As you can see, I’m simply creating a Unix file descriptor for the file with all the desired flags to make it just write to the end of the file, wrapping it in an NSFileHandle, and then calling the -writeData: method to write it to the end of the file.

OK, I’m sort of just a beginner at Cocoa, so this was the solution I was able to come up with. I’m sure there’s a better way, and that there’s millions of things wrong with it, so feel free to critique.

Or better, fix, with an explanation.

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