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I hope I’m not doing something wrong by posting at the top instead of at the bottom, but here goes.

I need testers for a program I’m working on. It’s called LiveDict, and it’s an add-on for Safari that lets you conveniently look up words in a dictionary from the browser. It includes a general English dictionary, a dictionary of computer terms, and a bunch of bilingual dictionaries.

The program requires Mac OS X 10.3 and it only works inside Safari, so if you use another browser you’re out of luck. I’m in testing now, but feel I could use a few more testers, so you can get started right away. If you’re interested, send an e-mail to I’m sure most people reading this site are pretty knowledgeable, but give me a quick summary of your computer knowledge and what you’ve tested before. Thanks!

– MikeAsh

I plan to release one of my software, which is an alpha-beta version (something between alpha and beta), and I need beta-testers. Are there some kind of associations where I can ask beta-testers to test-drive my apps so I can get some feedback ? Of course, if anyone reading this wants to help me, let me know…

– Trax


It would really help if you’d describe what your app does… (or will do)

It’s a Graphical Karaoke Maker… You type text, and you decide the timing of each syllable to be highlighted when the music plays… —- That sounds… Unique. —- Why not add an alert panel that shows up during your applications launch that says “This software is alpha/beta USE AT OWN RISK. Please send feedback to” Then submit it to Version Tacker ( I have beta software listed there now, since Jan 6th I’ve had over 430 downloads and one of my beta testers has translated it to German. <– Because not everybody wants their beta software released into the wild

I found a Beta test site. Check it out:

At first glance it looks like a Windows only site, but it’s not they list Mac OS X applications too.


Write a press release with a contact address and send it to Mac news sites; they might post a notice to their readers. (MacNN and MacMinute are two I can think of that would… MacCentral probably wouldn’t. But then, who reads MacCentral anymore?)

Maybe there should be a TestersWanted page here?

I had completely forgotten about this page, so FYI the MacBetaGroup has since been formed. A new version of the site will be up August 2, 2004. The address is and will remain as such. I’ve removed my old post from this page as the information in it was no longer accurate. The new version is being built on Mambo and should prove to be useful to a wider variety of people. I hope this helps and I apologize for forgetting about mentioning it on this page. – TriLateral