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There seems to be no ‘contains’ operator in the NSString class. This seems like a weird oversight. So if I have a String that contains @”my IP is” and I want to see if that string contains the word “IP” somewhere in it how would I do this? I looked at NSScanner but couldn’t get that to work - the results were always null.

here’s a real example:

(I want to see if members of an array contain the word rendezvous them so I am NSEnumerating through the array)

NSScanner *scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:[allPreviousHosts objectAtIndex:x]];

    if (![scanner scanString:@"rendezvous" intoString:@"rendezvous"]){  do something }

this should tell me if the string set in scannerWithString contains “rendezvous” right?

what am I missing?

I believe the scanString:intoString: looks at the current scan location (or immediately after any characters set to be skipped) and so will only find “rendezvous” if it is the first word in the string. I would think using an NSString constant for intoString: would cause problems, since the method wants an NSString **, that it will try to set to the found string.

Regardless, what you could use is rangeOfString: on your NSString. This is also in StringWithinAString.

Turns out this was already answered in the link above:

the answer is:

if ([stringToBeScanned rangeOfString:theStringYouWant].location != NSNotFound) {blah blah}

but man, it would be SO MUCH EASIER if apple gave us a ‘contains’ function!!!

Well, NSString’s -rangeOfString: is a pretty straightforward replacement. It returns an NSRange with a location of NSNotFound if it doesn’t contain the string, and if it returns anything else than it does. – Bo

Here’s what I always do:


@interface NSString (SearchingAdditions)



@implementation NSString (SearchingAdditions)


Or you could just write a containsStringIgnoringCase: method.

Wait, with the example above the code you wrote is to be saved as additions.h? and then you include it in your project? Please - a little bit more info on how to implement this!

This is a catagory to NSString, so just include the files NSString+Additions.h/.m as designated above, and all NSStrings in that project will subsequently be able to respond to those messages.

works great! merci!!!

cocoadev rocks!!

I know it’s already been answered, but before I knew about these easier methods, I made two of my own. I think you guys will get a kick out of my newbie ignorance at the time:

Yeah, it’s a little hacky (and hideously inefficient!). Next, another inefficient, but “think outside of the box” approach:


Hehe. Definately “outside the box”.

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