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I can’t get FixAndContinue in XCode to work. I run the program in the debugger, make a change to a file, and save it, but the icon is disabled. What am I doing wrong? – AdamAtlas

Never mind, it needs to be a new project, I was trying it on an older project that I updated. – AdamAtlas

So, how did that work?

It works perfectly over here.

Yeah, I can’t get this to work at all. I don’t want to have to create a new project because the one I converted is huge… however I’d still like to be able to take advantage of Fix and Continue. Sounds really nifty. :-)

Any suggestions? – MarcWeil

I’ve heard that the projects can’t be converted; PB projects are based on jam (“just another make”, from the makers of Perforce). XCode projects are a “native” format, which is something internal, probably more like CodeWarrior’s project files. You can only do FixAndContinue in native projects. So I think you’ll have to recreate the project from scratch.

Or… you could read the docs and find out that you just have to update the target….

You make it sound so simple!

…. it is simple ;-) - PtxMac

It’s definitely simple. Click your target, project menu - > upgrade target. You are done.