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I was just wondering how to change the focus (focus ring and cursor) to an object in the nib. Can anyone enlighten me?

You mean programatically? If so, thusly:

[window makeFirstResponder:myObject]

If you want the window to open with a particular object as first responder, connect the window’s initialFirstResponder outlet to that object in the nib.

A NSTabViewItem instance also has an initialFirstResponder outlet to specify which object should have focus when this item is chosen in the NSTabView.

Once my program receives a specific event, I’d like a window to appear and set focus on an NSTextField. Here’s the code I’m trying now:

[self orderFrontRegardless]; [self makeKeyWindow]; [self makeFirstResponder:textField];

However, textField is never given focus. Am I doing something wrong here?

– RyanGovostes

have you tried [self makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil]?

This does not seem to work either. If the window is key, does it even receive keyDown events? If so, I could just ditch the NSTextField, but when I write this in my Window subclass, nothing happens when I hit a key:

- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent {
NSLog(@"KeyDown event!\n"); }

– RyanGovostes

Try removing the text field and overriding -(BOOL)acceptsFirstResponder in your window class, returning YES, then the keyDown event should fire. Works for me.

Yeah, the keyDown event fires, but if the cursor is in a different window, it still doesn’t receive the event.

see (perhaps relevant) discussion at SimulateTyping