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Hi, i am creating a search function for my program and i need the results to display in a menu under the searchfield, but i have no clue on how to force it to open when there is results and to close when there is none. Any help would be great.


That’s not how menus are meant to be used. There is no easy way to do that. Use a table view in a drawer or sheet instead.

I guess spotlight should be removed from tiger then eh?

That’s not a menu.

If you are using an NSSearchField, it is plausible that you might want the down arrow key to pop open the menu (as I did in AcidSearch). This would not be completely against OS X’s style guidelines, as Safari does it in the location bar. I achieved this by sending a “fake” mouseUp: event to the Search Field. –RobinHP

I think most people implement drop-downs like these with NSTableViews in a borderless window.

Thanks all, i shall keep all this mind – TomHancocks