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simply trying to grasp this concept.

when i declare a BOOL variable as an instance variable, and then create an accessor method to change it, when i go to check that it was changed, it is NOT changed…


@interface Creator : NSObject


BOOL fileMade;


@implementation Creator



return fileMade;




fileMade = result;


-(void)makeFile // assume this is invoked.


[self setFileMade: YES];


//in another class instance:

if ([creator fileMade] == YES)

//do something…. but it never does.

do i need to do some type of retain on the fileMade to get it to work…. i have no idea what i’m doing.

I think we need more info. Show us more code, such as the call to -makeFile, etc.

make file is actually called as a result of an IBAction, along with some other code. I know the call works because the rest of the code in makeFile executes fine.

also, if i change the logic to

if ([creator fileMade] == NO

it will execute the code that follows. Almost like the fileMade variable forgets that it gets set to YES…. is that possible??

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