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I am attempting to forward the message drawRect: on an NSView subclass to another selector on the same object, but my implementation is not working. Apparently the drawRect: message is being called in some special way. If I call it myself I get the forwarding I expect. But if It gets called by the application it’s in. (to actually draw) the forwarding is not invoked and I end up with an NSView drawRect:.. (I don’t see “my drawrect” get logged) here’s an example:

I have confirmed by category on NSObject that instanceMethodForSelector: and methodForSelector: are not being used to retrieve drawRect: So, there must be some other way that Cocoa is looking up drawRect on my NSView subclass and ignoring my forwarding… any ideas?

I’ll give you odds that it’s calling it on NSView rather than your subclass. You won’t receive -forwardInvocation: messages when a superclass implements the message. It makes -forwardInvocation: a little weak to rely on since any old category on NSObject can add methods…

-(NSMethodSignature*) methodSignatureForSelector: (SEL) aSelector { NSLog(@”method sig %s”, aSelector); //newSig = aSelector prepended with _ac_hiding SEL newSig = sel_registerName( [[NSString stringWithFormat: @”_ac_hiding%s”, aSelector] cString]); //see if there is a hidding method with this selector if ([self respondsToSelector: newSig]){ //return the signature of the hiding method return [super methodSignatureForSelector: newSig]; }else{ return [super methodSignatureForSelector: aSelector]; } }

-(void) forwardInvocation: (NSInvocation *) anInvocation{ NSLog(@”forwarding”); SEL oldInvoke = [anInvocation selector]; //newInvoke = oldInvoke prepended with _ac_hiding SEL newInvoke = sel_registerName( [[NSString stringWithFormat: @”_ac_hiding%s”, oldInvoke] cString]); //see if there is a hidding method with this selector //if so, perform advice if ([self respondsToSelector: newInvoke]){ [anInvocation setSelector: newInvoke]; NSLog(@”before %s”,newInvoke); [anInvocation invoke]; NSLog(@”after %s”,newInvoke); }else{ [super forwardInvocation: anInvocation]; } }