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The FoundationCollectionsPalette extends Apple’s InterfaceBuilder with support for Foundation’s collection classes; it enhances NSDictionary and NSArray, adding an attributes inspector, a connections inspector and a size inspector to both.

Using all this is as easy as building this project and loading the resulting palette in IB; the inspectors themselves are as obvious as I could make them. The code itself is intended to be a rough template for creating useful palettes in IB. Feel free to use this project as you wish.

Go to for the code. This is page should be used for support.

Please add any comments, suggestions, bug-reports, etc. under this header::

—-Comments, suggestions, bug-reports, etc.—-

Excellent demonstration of IB “internals”. One thing I miss is how I can dynamically implement target/action, that is, how can one extend the connection inspector of NSView’s, eg NSButton. If I connect the target of a button view a custom object it shows it’s Objective-C methods, but how can I (dynamically) add methods to this list, more specifically, for a proxy which forwards actions using -forwardInvocation: ? Eg this proxy has reflection methods like -(NSArray *)forwardedSelectorNames; which I would like to show up as actions. – ?

Can you not just add actions to the proxy class in IB? – KritTer

There are (at least) two issues with this: a) the actions would appear on any proxy instance, which is wrong because each proxy wraps a different source object and therefore has different actions b) this would be annoying, the proxy already knows what actions it provides, so why do I need to specifiy them again :-(

The former, yes, but how would a proxy know for sure what it will refer to during the entire course of program execution? It might change. Alas, I cannot help you with a palette, as actions are class-based, not object, and Apple is keeping the interface obscure…