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Hi, folks :) sorry my english again

The question is, is there are some special frameworks to grabb frames (video stream) from web camera? I know that Cocoa, QiuckTime and other have an interface to work with CoreVideo. But may be there is something more simple and more special for grabbing? The thing is that i have Qt application and Cocoa code for camera works incorrect a little, and i think to remake app using may be some of THIS frameworks… If i’ll find…

It’s pretty easy with a Quartz Composition and a QCView.

Weeeell, it’s for rendering video? May you show me a little code for capturing (like callbacks, getting simple frames, etc) with that QuartzComposer?

thnks :)

Quartz Composer is a groundbreaking graphics development environment that allows you to explore the incredible power of the graphics stack of Mac OS X Tiger. With Quartz Composer, you can easily combine the capabilities of Cocoa, Quartz 2D, Core Image, OpenGL, and QuickTime, all using an approachable visual programming paradigm. Use Quartz Composer to prototype Core Image filters, build engaging screen savers, create custom user-interface widgets, make data-driven visual effects, and even perform live performance animations.

Nothing about video capturing ( Is there are something else? QuartzCore already used..

As another poster said - it’s pretty easy with a Quartz Composition and a QCView. Quartz Composer includes modules for video capture - and this is basically what PhotoBooth uses.

Ok, i’v missed something. I’ll look. Is it different from QTQuartzPlayer? It is another thing or simply more uplevel? (used in i mean)

The question. - (IBAction) start:(id)sender; - starting rendering process blah blah.. Is it Cocoa interface (mean IBAction)? It’s bad, because the problem a have is in that. Something more.. cpp..