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FrontRow is the media viewing application that Apple ships with the iMac (G5 and Intel), Mac mini (Intel) and MacBook Pro. These new Macs also come with a 6-button infra-red remote control which allows the user to control FrontRow, which in turn manages the playback of music, video, and photos.

FrontRow has been compared to Windows Media Center. It’s said to be simpler, easier to use, and better designed than Media Center, but also less capable in that it lacks the TiVo-like digital video recording features that Media Center has.

Apple’s page on FrontRow is here:

Hacking the Remote


That reads like marketspeek O_o

Would you rather it read, “FrontRow R0X3RZ! Ya, itz 1337!!” instead??

I’d prefer something I could actually understand. The only thing I got out of that paragraph was that Apple succeeded with QuickTime and failed with MacTV, which I already knew. The rest of it was just a big blob to me.

Uh … it stated what FrontRow is, compared and contrasted it with the competition, mentioned a piece of hardware that is “required” (that the software is built to be used with), mentions where the manufacturer’s information is, then there is one paragraph that could be considered somewhat misguided. With the exception of that last paragraph, I see nothing wrong or difficult to understand here. If you don’t like something or feel there needs to be more technical information, then by all means edit the page and change it.

Sorry to be unclear. I was referring to only the last paragraph. The rest of the page is perfectly reasonable and understandable to me.