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GCDrawKit is a Cocoa framework on which vector graphics applications can be built. For full details see:

GCDrawKit is a new project from me, GrahamCox, and will be fully open source after a public 1.0 release is made. Experienced contributors are sought. Documentation is currently very minimal (need help with that, too!). See also the comments on my personal page here (GrahamCox).

I’d estimate that GCDrawKit is currently (Jan ‘07) about 80% completed, though as we all know the remaining 20% will take 80% of the time…

Note: a wiki has been set up to document and provide a forum for drawkit:

See also for a gradient UI which is the first public release from the DrawKit effort.

June 19, ‘07: A major milestone has been reached in that DK is now feature-complete as far as the original design goals are concerned. A public beta should be available for download in the next few weeks once it has been polished up some and hopefully some documentation has been written. In the meantime, I’ve updated the feature list and explanations on the site, and I shall post some updated screenshots in the next few days too. –GC

August 14, 2007: Drawkit Beta 1 is now available for download. Check out Note - if you want to work on the code or use it, please, please, please join the mailing list for the purpose - this page is not an appropriate forum for discussions about it, though I guess may be used to flag up specific points relevant to its use in general. –GC

2008-03: What a great piece of work! Is it still going nicely forward? (mailing list is scaringly quiet)

Yes, it’s still being very actively developed - in fact a new beta drop is due very soon with thousands of improvements, fixes, etc. The mailing list is quiet - in fact silent ;-) It’s hard to say why that is, maybe the first beta just wasn’t quite ready enough yet. However, for reasons beyond my control, I’ve had to rehost my site and have lost the mailing list, so I’m going to be shortly relaunching the mailing list as well as a public svn repo for the code, so maybe that will help things along. –GrahamCox (March 25, 08)

That’s wonderful to hear. Is the license still Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License or have you changed it to something more common in the meantime? (some source files dont’t state the license at all, so I’m a bit unsure whether I can use the library or not…Hope I can)

Some headers currently still say CC2.5 but in fact I plan to go with either the LGPL or BSD but leave use of third party code up to the user - in other words I’m not relicensing anything I’m using (all those parts are non-critical and optional anyway). Frankly licensing issues bores the pants off me - I just code. As long as I don’t get held liable if you use it to operate a nuclear device or something, then do what you want with it - but give credit. Simple as that! I’d also suggest that this page is not really appropriate for discussing this - join the mailing list (link on the drawkit page on my site). –GC