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This is a framework for using the “GD” graphics library in Objective-C. You can use this library for reading and writing images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. You can resize and crop images, draw within them and render text using TrueType fonts. There is also a grand total of one image filtering method.

If you’re writing a daemon foundation tool you can’t use the NSImage or NSFont classes. The GD library is also much simpler - for better or worse - than Apple’s frameworks. The GD library (and the PNG / JPEG libraries) are quite difficult to compile for Mac OS X. Here I provide a universal version of the GD library and I have copied the JPEG and PNG libaries from another source. Download the framework and source code here: (3.4Mb)

More information about the GD library here:

There are comprehensive instructions within the “readme.txt” file in the framework, including instructions on how to:

Let me know if there’s any GD routines you’d like included in this framework, or if you want to contribute any code to the framework, thanks - DavidThorpe.

Is there any way to convert between GDImage and NSImage, CIImage, CGImage, etc.? Perhaps, even if you can do nothing better than passing -TIFFRepresentation to -initWithData:, you should add -initWithBitmapImageRep: so that in the future you might be able to provide a better implementation.

Thanks, I’ve added a method to convert into an NSImage from a GDImage, although no translation the other way at the moment - not sure there’s a lot of point because you can use the Quartz routines for drawing with NSImage’s. The idea of this framework is a more lightweight alternative for quick “command line” and “daemon-based” batch editing. I would like to add TIFF and BMP support, but this isn’t native to GD and I’ll have to implement them myself, and will take a little bit longer - DavidThorpe