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I have created my own GLview and am happily displaying simple primitives. I’ve also implemented a handy camera management scheme. What I’d like to do is report the various numbers that describe the camera using NSTextfields.

The view is implemented within, the OpenGl is all done within OGLManager.cpp/h. There are also a contoller, and a model TriNrml.ccp/h.

The camera is updated anytime the user Option+drags within the view. My thinking was to create an action within my Controller that would be called anytime the user performed this operation. I imagined that this would be a simple case of ctrl-dragging from the view to the controller instance within IB. However, when I do this I don’t see the Controller’s actions within the property pane.

What am I doing wrong here?

You need to do this programmatically. Create an outlet in your GLView class to the Controller. Whenever your camera is updated (it looks like it might be in the mouseDragged: method), send the Controller the message to update the text fields.