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A very fast 64-bit chip (or a shortened name for the PowerMac GeeFive).

See for more technical details.

Much faster than the GeeFour.

Much, much faster than the GeeThree.

[Much, much, much, much faster than a SixtyEightKay-ha!]

Much, much much, much, much, much, much faster than a 6502 Shouldn’t that be SixFiveOhTwo? ;)

Oscar                      Felix

heh, that would make a good Apple ad - PC & G5 spinning around with the Odd Couple theme music playing

A.K.A. The Cheese Grater

Love or hate its looks, it’s a milestone.

[It looks more like a kilometerstone from where I’m standing-ha! We’ll call it a 1.6 kmstone. …ha.]

Now at 2.5ghz with water cooling. Does it need Prestone?

 *Not if you also want to use the cooling system to brew your office coffee...*

hmmm… 1.8 G5, 15” PB… 18 G5, 15” PB… decisions, decisions

To be fair though, it wasn’t that long ago that Felix looked an awful lot like any given box off Apple’s pro line. My dual MDD looks a lot like that PC… at least on the inside. And, infact, not all that different on the outside. This is kind of a new trend for Apple, I think, to be focusing on the looks of their pro products. The iBook and iMac were from the start supposed to look “yummy”… the cube, you might also say was a fashion statement, but the Bondi Blue G3s made people want to hurl, and pretty much everything else before and after was stylistically dead… fun to see Apple hardware really catch up to their software fashion wise.

Might as well…

That thing is just ugly… I much preferred the old design. I was thinking of getting an iMac, but no way I’m putting that thing on my desk - I’ll get a PowerBook instead. My ideal Mac would be a PowerBookGeeFive with a vertical docking station kinda thing… You’d have all your desktop stuff connected to that and the PB would slide into the dock like a book. I wonder if Steve takes product suggestions via email ;)

De gustibus non disputandem est (There is no accounting for taste)

The iMac G5 looks much better in real life than it does on the Apple site.

Yeah, until you get fingerprints all over it. I don’t like the base of the Globe, but the fact that its monitor is adjustable heightwise is an advantage over the G5.