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What I am trying to do is take a icon from a folder/file and put it on another one. I can’t seem to find anything on how to do this in either the Cocoa or Carbon documentation. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Sure. Well you can use NSWorkspace’s iconForFile: to get icons. As for setting it, I can’t find anything around to do it. I know I’ve seen applescript do it, so you could hack an applescript bridge to do what you want. Good Luck. – DaveFayram

The target will always be a bundle with the icon set to icon.icns, so setting it is not actually a problem; i was just curious. I wish there was a better way to browse the cocoa documentation then html/help viewer/cocoa browser. –Gorman

Even though the particular issue appears to have been resolved, I would like to point towards an alternative and more adaptable solution. Troy Stephen’s IconFamily class provides access to the Carbon IconServices through a Cocoa wrapper.

Actually, I don’t think you will be able to use the NSWorkspace method to do what you want. The reason is that you need to get the icns data for your particular icon. NSImage will only export in TIFF. Using IconFamily, it would go something like this:

IconFamily* iFam = [IconFamily iconFamilyWithIconOfFile:@”/Path/To/Source/File”]; // initialize with the icon that the finder displays for File. iFam icnsData] writeToFile:@”/Target/Bundle/Contents/Resources/Icon.icns” atomically:NO];

There are many options for [[IconFamily, for example to assign the icon to a file (using the resource mananger) or a folder (also using the res manager, not a bundle based approach).

For a link visit CarbonCompatibility.

– DavidRemahl

I thought you could tweak around images via NSBitmapImageRep to be any kind you wanted? – DaveFayram

Thanks, I did end up having a issue with it being TIFF! –Gorman

I had the time to implement IconFamily in my program, it’s awesome. I had to use this code though:

IconFamily *iFam;

iFam = [IconFamily iconFamilyWithIconOfFile:@”/Path/To/Source/File”];

[iFam writeToFile:@”/Target/Bundle/Contents/Resources/Icon.icns”];


See also GetGenericFolderIcon