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Hi all, I need to get from my NSApp the document controller because I need to create new documents programmatically (method -newDocument:): any idea (I can get the key window, but a window can’t even give me its document :( )?… Thx – peacha

PS: Shouldn’t there be a CocoaQuestions among the links at (at or on?) the home page and… couldn’t we use the content found in CocoaSampleCode and CocoaDiscussions to make some tutorials like O’ Reilly Net or Vermont Recipes???

Hi Peacha.

You can send the message + sharedDocumentController to the class object for NSDocumentController to get what you want:

NSDocumentController *theDocumentController = [NSDocumentController sharedDocumentController];

// Now go wild.

Here’s what the docs have to say about it:


+ (id)**sharedDocumentController**

Returns the shared NSDocumentController instance. If one doesn’t exist yet, it is created. Initialization reads in the document types from the NSTypes property list (in CustomInfo.plist), registers the instance for NSWorkspaceWillPowerOffNotifications, and turns on the flag indicating that document user interfaces should be visible. You should always obtain your application’s NSDocumentController using this method.

See Also: - setShouldCreateUI:

– MichaelMcCracken